Pihue - A Quality Place To Order Premium hand knotted  rug and carpet custom made.


We are one of the prestigious  Good Weave certified handmade Wool and silk rug manufacturing company that manufacture and distribute a wide variety of carpets and mulberry silk rugs for retail, custom projects or to brands under their label. These items are made by our skilled artisans using high-quality raw materials in accordance with well-defined quality standards. Our goods are often utilised in homes, restaurants, workplaces, and a variety of other settings. Furthermore, the offered items are accessible in a variety of sizes, attractive designs, trendy patterns, and enticing hues.


Bamboo silk carpet, handmade wool saree silk oxidised carpets, wool bamboo silk rugs, wool bamboo rugs, home contemporary rugs, and bamboo wool silk rug is among the goods offered by us.


The items we provide are made using high-quality basic materials and cutting-edge technologies. All of these items are manufactured under the supervision of our professional and experienced staff, in accordance with industry standards. We provide these goods in a variety of patterns, sizes, colors, and styles to meet the growing demands of our distinguished customers. Aside from that, we provide our goods at industry-leading prices. Our goods are in great demand in the industry due to their superior quality.


We have a technologically sophisticated and well-equipped infrastructure to back us up. We can produce the provided goods in huge quantities with the assistance of our infrastructure, which is also capable of producing the offered carpets and rugs at the finest production rate. We have assembled a team of highly competent and well-trained personnel to manage our facilities. 


In addition, we have developed a global distribution network to distribute the carpets and rugs. We have a large client base throughout the market as a result of our transparent and customer-centric approach.

Why choose us?


We provide a diverse selection of Carpets & Silk Rugs to meet the demands of our loyal clients. Our goods are manufactured using high-quality basic materials and adhere to industry-accepted standards. We have a global distribution network that allows us to distribute our goods in a timely manner. We are one of the most reliable sources for Carpets & Rugs in the industry.

Customize or Create your own Rugs 


We at PiHue Creations try our best to design your ideas with our craftsmanship and endless possibilities of giving artful representation of the collection that are truly unique. Pihue - A Quality Place To Order Mulberry Silk Rug, Merino wool rug, Mohair wool rug Bamboo silk rug, cashmere wool rug, New Zealand wool rug, Himalayan wool rug in Custom design and size all handknotted.


Customised designs are made to order as you like it .

We use different natural materials to weave the beauty of the designs such as Argentina Wool , New Zealand Wool, Himalayan, Merino and mohair wool , bamboo silk , staple silk, viscose, mulberry silk rug, jute , sisal, hemp, abaca, seagrass, cotton and linen.

Also Recycled Pet yarn is used to make outdoor rugs that are weather resistant.


Sizes ,materials used, shapes, designs ,colors etc of our products  all are selected and made as per customers want and  requirement .

We update our clients on a regular basis via images and videos about the progress and international shipping via fedex and DHL worldwide.


The following are some of the most important aspects of our organisation's preference:


  • Handmade Weaving by traditional hand knotted weavers

  • Packaging that works

  • A prompt delivery

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Delivery on time worldwide

  • Products of high quality are guaranteed.

  • No Child Labour

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