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Carpet and rug Manufacturer in Bhadohi, India

Bhadohi is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is home to the largest hand-knotted carpet weaving industry hub in South Asia. The city is 45 km west of ancient historic Varanasi (5000 year old civilisation, Banaras revered as the city of Lord Shiva) and 82 km east of Prayagraj .

The main business in Bhadohi is carpet manufacturing. Bhadohi employs 2.2 million handmade work artisans in its handmade carpet industry.

The art of Carpet weaving in this region goes back to the 16th century, at some point in the supremacy of the famous Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is assumed that rug weaving in this region was set up ages ago by Persian master weavers while passing through the Indian subcontinent, now weavers here have innovated new way of weaving and doing :

  1. Handknotted Persian weave

  2. Handknotted Indo Nepali weave, basically this came from Tibet refugees to India and Nepal, ages old technique of weaving and this used to be household weaving.

  3. Flatweave rugs : Woven for Style and Durability: Flatweave Rugs Forget plush piles! Flatweave rugs offer a unique charm with their closely woven construction. Unlike their fluffy counterparts, these rugs are thin and low-profile. This makes them incredibly tough and easy to maintain, perfect for busy areas of your home that see a lot of foot traffic. Endless Design Possibilities The beauty of flatweave rugs lies in their variety. From bold geometric patterns to delicate florals, there's a design to match any style. They come in a wide range of colors and can be crafted from natural materials like wool, cotton, or jute, or from synthetic fibers like nylon or acrylic. Benefits of Flatweave Rugs: Considering a rug upgrade? Look no further than flatweave rugs! Their combination of durability, easy care, and stylish variety makes them a perfect choice for any home, get it custom made at PiHue Creations.

  • Built to Last: The tight weave of flatweave rugs makes them incredibly durable, able to withstand everyday wear and tear with ease.

  • Effortless Cleaning: Low pile means easy cleaning! Simply vacuum regularly or spot clean spills with a damp cloth.

  • Versatile Charm: Flatweave rugs can be used anywhere in your home, adding a touch of color, pattern, and texture to any space.

  • Budget-Friendly Beauty: Flatweave rugs are typically more affordable than pile rugs, making them a great choice for style on a budget.

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