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What tourists visiting in India can buy as souvenir

India has become a go to destination today for every traveler. India is known it's for art and craft apart from the Spiritual side of it. Anyone who plans to visit India looks forward to pick up some exotic souvenirs for their dear ones back home.

Rugs are a premium product and describe the culture of a particular era or a society with all the different designs and characters that are crafted in the Rugs. We at Pihue pioneer in hand-knotted rugs from Jaipur, Tibetan, Nepali, Persian, Turkish, Kashmiri, Scandinavian, Moroccan, braided, flat weave, Panza Dhurrie, and hand-tufted, we're confident that we have the perfect carpet for you. Shop with us today and experience the Pi Hue Creations difference!

More than thousand customers rely on PiHue Creations to provide exactly what they need for their homes. Take a look to see what our satisfied customer got, and they had to say was "I want look this rug for hours for every detail.

Here are a few popular rug designs:

  1. Persian: intricate floral and geometric patterns

  2. Moroccan: bold, geometric shapes and vivid colors

  3. Kilim: flat-woven rugs with geometric designs

  4. Shag: plush, textured rugs

  5. Braided: rugs woven from strips of fabric

  6. Tibetan: knotty rugs with traditional Tibetan designs

  7. Turkish: intricate geometric and floral patterns

  8. Navajo: southwestern-style rugs with traditional Native American patterns

  9. Scandinavian: minimalistic, geometric patterns in neutral colors.

These are just a few examples. Rug designs can vary greatly depending on your project or choice. 

So what are you waiting for, Get in touch with us today on the contact us page and we will give you the solutions that you need the best!

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