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Making of Rugs with Pihue creations

Pihue, a Goodweave certified handmade Rugs are made in rural India by ancient traditional and modern weaving techniques and materials like Grade A New Zealand wool, Merino wool, Mohair wool, Himalayan wool, Moroccan wool, bamboo silk ,viscose, linen, cotton, jute, hemp, sisal, abaca, etc. of various types and designs as per the retail or bulk buyer custom made needs, they can be:- modern,Abstract, Floral ,kilim, jute, unshaped, classic, solid, transitional or geometric made by hand-tufting or hand-knotted

Jute Rugs 100% Natural with affordable Price, flat weaved by using jute and hemp ,has mild coarse texture.

We are proud to offer our artisan handmade rugs, each is hand-tufted or hand knotted and washed for heft, beautiful lustre, and subtle colour.

Floral rugs :- Our plush, hand-tufted wool rug depicts a field of flowers in a rich blend of contrasting hues.Texture, shades and tones change the outlook of a plain Solid Rugs, neutrals bring in light, earth tones for nature, bright colours burst with life and shags have cloud-like texture. Made from 100% wool, exquisite hand tufted and hand knotted rugs are durable with a gentle feel. A medium-thick pile adds delightful decorative complexity, while still maintaining softness & warmness underfoot. The defining details of these rugs are sure to make it a conversion piece and an icon of your household. It is a joy to step out of bed in the morning onto these rugs.

Imposing both in size and appearance, the antique Oriental rugs are a paragon of the Iconic Tabriz craftsmanship. Although the weaving centre of Tabriz is one of the oldest in the world and thus features practically the full-range of the ever-known oriental designs, this antique rug incorporates the most characteristic of its patterns. The complementary main field and series of borders are adorned with a dense, meandering thicket of stylised foliage and floral motifs. In this thriving abundance, a skilled eye may spot the classics of oriental art, such as Shah Abbas, palmettes or roses. There is no medallion, just an allover botanical arrangement that reflects the beauty of lush exotic gardens, worthy of a Shah. The colour palette, based on a toned carmine complemented by light slate grey, taupe, camel and pale rose, is distinguished by a truly royal appeal. It will add splendour and palatial vibe to a wide variety of interior decors, from vintage to modern. Next to the awe-inspiring design, the antique Tabriz rugs can boast of a supreme execution. Thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with centuries-old techniques, the carpet has survived until this day in excellent condition. If properly maintained, it will serve its proprietors for generations without any signs of blemish, bringing in the timeless beauty of oriental artistry.

In the world of contemporary rugs , designers constantly experiment with new patterns and solutions in order to surprise their clients with a new masterpiece. Contemporary rugs can be found in all shapes, styles and sizes, but even then finding your dream modern carpet might not be easy. How can you choose from so many wonderful pieces? Designer and weavers certainly don't go easy on us, as they come up with new ideas for wonderful contemporary rugs almost daily. The only thing we can do is to try and keep our cool, so we won't be completely overwhelmed by the beauty of contemporary carpets.

This stunning Bessarabian rug is a dream come true of any art lover. Made of the best available materials, it immediately charms with its beautiful pattern and colour palette. Floral motif dominating on the surface depicts a beautiful composition of flowers and leaves, which look almost real. Colours included in this design are mostly deep shades of navy, red and white.

Contemporary rugs and antique rugs included in the Pihue collection are of impeccable quality and beauty. Experience the most luxurious shopping experience for yourself and visit our website. Our goal is to supply our clients with only the best contemporary rugs and antique carpets for bedroom, living room kids room decor, etc.

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